Outstanding customer serivce

I’ll be the first to admit, I was kind of a pain in the rear end to deal with because we had to be out of our house and into the new one by a specific date. I was seriously panicking, and calling her and her assistant, Lourdes, a million times. Lourdes, bless her heart, was absolutely amazing. She has such a calm demeanor, and made me calmer too. But more than that, she was quick to do any task given to her. Although selling my house was ridiculously easy (well, getting a contract on it was quick) buying a new one proved to be more of a pain. Yolanda set up appointments and took me to see every house that I asked about. When we finally got under contract on our current home, she answered all my questions and followed up with the owner’s real estate agent quickly. She also helped with getting the buyers of our new house squared away with any of the issues that came up for them. They were professional and on top of everything. Even after the sales (both on the same day – perfect timing!) Yolanda and Lourdes have been great about helping to find contractors, fix issues that came up (that had nothing to do with their work) and answering questions in general. I would recommend the Ulibarri group to anyone. Even high strung, stressed out buyers/sellers like me

— elipol1